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Region 3

Meet Veronica Weber

Veronica Weber is from Bethpage, New York.

What year is your NC State Student?

What College is your NC State Student?
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

What is your favorite NC State tradition and/or memory? Our family has enjoyed going to NC State and taking part in Parents and Families Weekend especially attending the football game.

What single NC State resource has your student benefitted from the most? My student has utilized the Academic Success Center and benefitted greatly from its tutoring services.

One piece of advice for new Pack Parents? Encourage your student to join different organizations on campus. It is a great way to make friends and find a community on campus.

Benefit(s) of joining the Pack Family Regions Network. By joining the Pack Family Regions Network, families can meet others in your area who can answer questions, give guidance, and offer support. Although we may live far away, together we can build a community of State families in our area.

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