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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Parents and Families Services (PFS) is to recognize parents as natural allies with the university as we seek to help students find success and reach their goals.

PFS seeks to nurture relationships with the parents and families of NC State students to support their achievements and help the university to carry out its mission.

PFS establishes cooperative relationships with academic departments and student services to support parents as a vital constituent of the university.

Our Goals


To support parents and families dedicated to the success of their NC State students by providing access to the university by way of our office resources with an understanding of the necessary processes and boundaries designed to preserve the student experience and nurture the developing relationship with their college students.


Positively engage parents and families throughout their student’s career, utilizing various communications and engagement opportunities to connect families with the university and other NC State families.


Generate clear and consistent communications with relevant information (i.e., upcoming events, important dates and critical resources) from stakeholders that keep parents and families informed and engaged with the campus community and uphold the brand standards of NC State.

Student Success

To support the mission of Enrollment Management and Services (EMAS) carry out the integral values of NC State through positive parent and family engagement and overall student success.