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Learn the Lingo

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisors are assigned to every student. They guide students to make informed decisions, including choosing the appropriate courses related to their degree program.

Academic Probation

A warning is issued to students when their Grade Point Average (GPA) falls below the minimum level (2.00).

Academic Success Center (ASC)

Provides several free programs and resources, including tutoring, to enhance learning and student success.

Academic Suspension

Students must meet cumulative GPA standards to maintain their enrollment. Students on academic suspension have failed to raise their academic performance by the end of the probation semester. 


  • DASA – Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • OIED – Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • OIT – Office of Information Technology
  • CDC – Career Development Center
  • ASC – Academic Success Center
  • OSFA – Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • NSP – New Student Programs
  • FSL – Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • OUR – Office of Undergraduate Research
  • UAB – University Activities Board
  • UHP – Honors and Scholars Programs
  • PFS – Parents and Families Services
  • MSA – Multicultural Student Affairs

Add/Drop Period

The grace period at the beginning of the semester when students can add/drop classes without academic or financial consequences.


The Atrium is a food court located on the Brickyard with a variety of meal choices for your students. Meal plans, Dining Dollars, and credit/debit cards can be used here.

The Brickyard

A plaza located on North Campus is a gathering spot for students, organizations, club fairs and events. The official name of the Brickyard is University Plaza.

Career Fair

Hosted by the Career Development Center, companies and organizations are invited virtually or in-person to recruit potential student employees.

Cooperative (Co-op) Education

A program through the Career Development Center, which gives students an opportunity to combine course work and employment in their career field.


Convenience stores are sprinkled across campus where students can grab the essentials whether it be snacks or something else. Meal credits and dining dollars are accepted at most C-Store locations.


Change of Degree Application (CODA) is a centralized resource for students applying to add or change majors. Learn more at


  • CALS – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • CHASS – College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • CNR – College of Natural Resources
  • COD – College of Design
  • COE – College of Engineering
  • COS – College of Sciences
  • COT – Wilson College of Textiles
  • CVM – College of Veterinary Medicine
  • PCOM – Poole College of Management

Centennial Campus

Centennial Campus is centered around the mission of research, innovation and collaboration with over 100 different businesses and government agencies. Home to the College of Engineering, Wilson College of Textiles and Hunt Library.

Dining Dollars

Flexible funds that supplement students’ meal plans. Can be used to cover the difference if you spend more than the allotted meal credit at a campus restaurant or cafe; Buy extra meals or snacks if a meal has already been used during a meal period; Make purchases at convenience stores (C-stores) and vending machines. 

Disability Resources Office (DRO)

Provides a wide range of services for students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access and full participation in curricular and co-curricular activities.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

A federal law designed to protect the privacy of students’ education records. With this law, the university is prohibited from disclosing a student’s academic record without the student’s consent. This federal law applies to all colleges and universities that receive funding from the federal government.

Free Expression Tunnel

One of three tunnels connecting the two sides of Main Campus bisected by railroad tracks. This tunnel is a unique space designated for students to share their thoughts and feelings. It is often used to advertise and highlight special events and opportunities on campus and is ever-changing. 

Grade Exclusion

Undergraduate students have the ability to select up to two NC State courses with a grade of C- or below to be excluded from their cumulative GPA. Students can apply for grade exclusions through their MyPack Portal. Parents and students can access more information about grade exclusions online at

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA is a summary (semesterly and cumulative) of a student’s academic record and is determined by your student’s earned grades. To see the grading scale and a GPA calculator, visit

Grading System

Evaluation of a student’s performance in a particular course or section is the prerogative of the instructor(s) responsible for that course or section. To see the regular grading scale and the detailed grading regulation, visit

Hill Library

NC State’s Main Campus library. Study rooms, a makerspace, a coffee shop and creamery are just some of the features of this campus resource.


  • Tri-Towers – Bowen, Carroll and Metcalf 
  • TOTA – Tucker, Owen, Turlington and Alexander
  • QUAD – Bagwell, Becton, Berr, Syme, Gold and Welch
  • WOW – Women of Welch
  • WISE – Women in Science and Engineering

Howling Cow

NC State’s very own premium ice cream. Howling Cow is made on campus at the Feldmeier Dairy Processing Lab in Schaub Hall and offers over 16 flavors available at creameries located on both Main and Centennial Campuses, as well as the Dairy Education Center and Creamery. 

Hunt Library

The University’s Centennial Campus library offers state-of-the-art technology and innovative architecture; it draws students of every discipline for its unique features. 

Incomplete (IN)

A grade of incomplete is given to a student by an instructor for work not completed due to circumstances beyond the student’s control.


Practical experience students gain (paid or unpaid) in their major while working in a professional setting.

Leave of Absence

Granted to students who request a temporary break from studies. These students maintain their admitted status but not the privileges of registered students.

The Memorial Belltower at Henry Square

A monument was built on campus to honor NC State alumni who fought and died during World War I. The Belltower, as it is known on campus, is the center of many Wolfpack traditions and is illuminated red for holidays that honor our veterans, such as Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, and to celebrate NC State’s proudest occasions and achievements. 

Main Campus

The original campus of NC State is composed of North Campus and Central Campus, separated by railroad tracks. North Campus houses many academic buildings whereas Central Campus is the hub for student activity.

Meal Credit

Meal credits enable you to purchase a meal totaling a specific amount at one of our restaurants or cafés. They can also be used to get a take-out meal at the dining hall. Have a dollar value, value changes depending on meal period.  

Meal Plan

A requirement for first-year students but offered to those living on and off-campus to streamline the dining experience at on-campus restaurants and cafes. Plans come with swipes, credits and dining dollars. Variety of options to fit various lifestyles.

Meal Period

A block of time where a meal credit can be used. There are several meal periods throughout the day and students can use one swipe or meal credit per meal period. Dining dollars are not subject to the meal period rule.

Moodle (Wolfware)

A University website with pages for each course in which a student is enrolled. On Moodle, students can check grades, turn in assignments and participate in online discussions. 

Nubian Message

The voice of African-American students, Nubian Message allows people to learn about different aspects of African-American culture.

Office Hours

Typically listed on the course syllabus. These are meetings held outside of class for students to spend one-on-one time with their instructor (in person or online). It is a great opportunity for students to establish a relationship with their instructors and get the additional help they may need in their classes.

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)

Promotes mentor experiences and resources to students interested in pursuing research that matches their interests.


These are courses students are required to satisfactorily complete before registering for an upper-level course.

Red Terror

A transit service that takes students from Witherspoon Student Center to and from Carter-Finley and PNC Arena for NC State home football and basketball games.

Repeating Courses

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to repeat a course without permission if the previous grade earned was a D+ or below. To repeat a course where the grade earned was a C- or above, students must first obtain an advisor’s approval. For more information, please go online and visit 

Residence Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) are trained student leaders who live in the residence halls and are responsible for coordinating programs and activities and addressing questions or concerns within the residence halls.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

The residence life coordinator is a professional staff who lives in the residence hall. They supervise student leaders in the residence halls and serve as a resource for the residents.

Study Buddies

This is an app designed to allow students to connect with other students in their class to create a study group.


Distributed to all academic courses, the syllabus provides a course description, learning outcomes, course structure, instructor’s office hours and contact information. It also includes required course materials and details of the plan for the semester, helping students plan their time wisely and complete the course successfully.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants (TA) are graduate or undergraduate students who assist professors in teaching undergraduate classes.


The on-campus student newspaper is published Monday through Friday during the academic year and is accessible at