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Parent Pride Points

Any parent or family member can earn Pride Points. Some may already be on their way without knowing it!

Joining in on the NC State traditions

We encourage parents to include their NC State student(s) in the experience. Students do not have to be completing The Brick to participate.

Parents who complete over 18 of the 23 traditions should send their list to the Parents’ Helpline and they will receive a commemorative NC State gift. For tracking, download the printable PDF and be sure to date stamp each proud Pack Parent experience. Photos are encouraged but not required. Have fun!

Earn Pride Points for Traditions:

  • Attend Family Orientation
  • Help Your Student Move-In
  • Visit the NC State Bookstores
  • Paint the Free Expression Tunnel
  • Attend Parents and Families Weekend
  • Participate in a Service Project
  • Send Your Student a Care Package
  • Write Your Student a Letter of Encouragement
  • Serve as a Family Ambassador
  • Use Your Very Important Parent (VIP) Card
  • Attend Spring Fling
  • Dine at Case Dining Hall
  • Dine at Clark Dining Hall
  • Enjoy Family Dinner at Fountain Dining Hall
  • Visit D.H. Hill Library
  • Experience James B. Hunt Library
  • Do the Krispy Kreme Challenge
  • Visit the Memorial Bell Tower
  • Whisper in the Wolf Ears
  • Attend an ARTSNCState Event
  • Try Howling Cow Ice Cream
  • Attend Spring Fling
  • Take Your Student to Dinner in Raleigh