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Region 7 Chair

Meet Andrea

Andrea is from Snohomish, Washington

What year is your NC State student?
Freshman / First year

What college is your NC State student in?
College of Education

What is your favorite NC State tradition and/or memory?
The Krispy Kreme Challenge. A fundraiser involving donuts? Count us in!

What single NC State resource has your student benefitted from the most?
Talking with a representative at a college fair really piqued our student’s interest in NC State. It was a great experience at that first encounter that got her looking more closely at attending school in Raleigh.

One piece of advice for new Pack Parents?
Take a tour of the campus when the students are there – it will give your student the opportunity to see what life truly looks like at NC State!

Benefit(s) of joining the Pack Family Regions Network
Being part of a group of families who know what it’s like to have a student so far away has been incredibly encouraging! The Family Regions Network has fun events and activities our family never would have planned our own (getting together to watch the NC State Homecoming game, throwing going-back-to-school parties, etc.). It’s also a great way to let our student know that we support her decision to attend NC State, even though she is thousands of miles away.

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