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Asheville Region

Meet Leslie Luxenberg

Leslie is from Fairview, North Carolina

What year is your NC State Student?
First Year

What College is your NC State Student In?

What is your favorite NC State tradition and/or memory?
Thanks to the wealth of information provided during our Open House visits and the warm welcome we experienced at Orientation from every member of the NCSU community we encountered, we’re looking forward to being a part of NC State traditions for years to come

What single NC State resource has your student benefitted from the most?
We found using NC State’s degree audit software both user-friendly and very helpful for tracking how my student’s community college credits transferred and work towards a degree at NC State.

One piece of advice for new Pack Parents?
Connect with other parents and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Benefit(s) of joining the Pack Family Regions Network.
Find and offer support for yourself and your student through connecting with other families and sharing resources.

Connect with Leslie via email at