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 My Experience as a Transfer Student 

Throughout my childhood, I was exposed to change quite a bit. My family and I moved houses a few times, we traveled and moved across the state where I changed schools and left all of my old friends behind for new ones. Going to college was a huge change and a great adjustment but nothing could have prepared me for transferring to another university. 
I thought that attending a private university would allow me to be myself yet stay secluded from a small group of people. I never did well in a large group of people or being around too many people at once. I wasn’t able to focus on the goal or what I was trying to achieve and I thought attending a large university like NC State would get in the way of my academics. Little did I know that attending a larger university was in my best interest. 

At my previous institution, I received a great first-year education. I met people who truly changed my life and who I continue to keep in touch with. Choir has always been a passion of mine and going to college I truly wanted to pursue that. Unfortunately, I missed the signup but was a part of an a cappella group where I formed tight relationships with people whom I could call family. After exams and going home for summer, I had time to think about where I wanted to go in the future and what I needed to take those steps. After thoughtful consideration, transferring was my best option. I knew it would be tough to go through another change but NC State was the best place for me to go. Being in a lively city, having many extracurriculars for me to be involved in, and a plethora of study options, it was perfect. NC State offered many transfer student events that I attended which brought me closer to not only other students but the university as well. I auditioned for and joined the University Chorale where I’ve met life-long friends and can pursue my love for singing.

As a sophomore, I believe I transferred at the perfect time. My experience at NC State so far has been everything and more I could have asked for. I am a Parent Ally on the Parents Families Services team and am traveling to Italy this summer with the choir to tour the country and sing in some of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. 


Parent Ally