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Getting Out of My Dorm and Getting Involved

The freshman year of college is overwhelming. The first semester is full of fun, new and exciting things to do, but once classes start, it’s like a reality check. As a college freshman,  I stayed cooped up in my dorm and I tried my best not to leave. However, to get the best out of my college experience I made it my mission to go out more! Here are some of the spring semester activities I did to get out, meet new people and form better bonds with my new friends!

  1. University Activities Board ( UAB) Events

UAB has events going on year-round! They plan a variety of events so there’s always something for students! For example, during the spring of last year, they had an interview with former “The Office” actor Leslie David Baker, who played Stanley in the show and provided plenty of merchandise and food afterward. Another great event hosted monthly by UAB is karaoke night in Talley. Encourage your student to join in for some embarrassing fun!

  1. Fitness and Wellness Classes

Like the UAB events, the Fitness and Wellness classes at Carmicheal are year-round! By logging into your MyWellRec Portal on the Wellness and Recreation website, students can explore all the fitness classes and wellness events going on this semester! Your student can sign up with a friend or meet new people by going solo! I went to yoga classes with my friend’s freshman year and this year we do spin cycling!

  1. Spring Fling!

This might sound a bit biased coming from a member of the Parents and Families team, but I love Spring Fling! It’s such a great way to spend some well-needed family time. Since coming to college, it’s been really hard to stay connected with my younger brother, but events like PacKIN Action and the annual basketball game have given us time to just enjoy each other’s company without fighting over the front seat. Another event I loved participating in is the Krispy Kreme Challenge! If you or your student are interested in running this race for a worthy cause, consider joining the Parents and Families Service race team: Proud Pack Families 2024 with the password: ProudPackFamilies2024. I highly suggest looking into the events going on for Spring Fling 2024 before we reach capacity. 

  1. Theater Shows and The Craft Center

A great way that many students around campus destress is by going to the Crafts Center or watching a show at the University Theatre. Shows vary, but they are performed every semester and showcase our extremely talented student body! The Crafts Center always has a plethora of workshops and ways to be creative. NC State is a hub for artistic expression. If your student needs a new way to destress or just want a fun activity to do with their friends,  encourage them to visit Discover the Arts at NC State for more information including showcases by local and national performers.

These activities are just a few that happen on campus. I hope some of these will motivate your student to step out of their dorm too!

By Aislinn Murray

Parent Ally