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A Journey of School Spirit and Connections

Wolfpack fans gave the men's basketball team a royal send-off as they departed to take part in the NCAA men's Final Four in 2024. Photo by Marc Hall

As an NC State student, there’s an unparalleled excitement that sweeps across campus and beyond during March Madness. It’s a time when Wolfpack spirit reignites, and being part of it is truly an unforgettable experience for students and diehard Wolfpack fans. As a transfer student, being a part of this makes me feel like I am in a new world, walking through uncharted territory. Watching both the men’s and women’s basketball teams compete on the national stage is not just about the games themselves- it’s about witnessing history in the making. NC State’s men’s basketball team hasn’t seen the finals since 1983 when Jim Valvano was coach. Being a current student when our teams are achieving historic milestones is an experience that’s ingrained in our memory as a university. 

I have never been into sports, my family is huge on basketball and football but it’s never struck my interest. I never even went to athletic games in high school. Coming to one of North Carolina’s largest and most well-known universities, I knew I had to attend sporting events and cheer on my school but little did I know that NC State would advance to the final four in the NCAA tournament. The memories made during the watch parties on Hillsborough Street and Stafford Commons are some of the highlights of my time at NC State. The university hosted many wonderful events throughout March Madness to get students more engaged with the campus and the people around them. It’s moments like these that make me grateful for my decision to attend such a welcoming and prideful university where friendships have been strengthened through the love of basketball and the Wolfpack spirit. With the final buzzer sounds on March Madness, not only did the NC State community come together to celebrate such a wonderful season, but I reflected on how these unforgettable moments have made for the perfect ending to a wonderful first year for me at NC State.

 It’s been over 30 years since NC State’s famous NCAA championship, so I hope every student will cherish this experience and hold these memories as they are forever part of the Wolfpack. 

Parent Ally Thomas