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A Day in the Life of an NC State Student

Every morning I start with a cup of coffee and some breakfast. After breakfast, I will get ready and head out for the day. I usually have classes in the morning (unless they are canceled, I would be sleeping in and starting my day much later). 

After class, a few days of the week, I head to the Joyner Visitor Center to be a Parent Ally with the Office of Parents and Families Services! During this time I’m usually talking to parents or doing behind-the-scenes work for PFS (I really really love this job!!!)

After office hours, I usually walk back to campus and go to the gym! Wellness and Recreation has so much to offer at any time during the day. Some days I will do a group fitness class whether it be yoga, cycling, or pilates. Other days, I will venture on my own and do some strength training or cardio. A few days of the week I do have a class in the gym so I head there for that too. 

After I go to the gym, I go to my other classes, then park myself at the library. I like going to the library because (1) the libraries at NC State are absolutely amazing, but (2) because I tend to get a lot of work done and can be really productive while I am there. I typically spend a few hours here. Sometimes, if I have lots of free time, I will make my way over to Centennial Campus to study at Hunt Library (the home of the bookBot!). The best thing about the library, specifically DH Hill library is that the Academic Success Center (also known as University Tutorial Center) is located in the library! If I am working on an assignment in the library and I need help, I can easily walk over there and get some assistance. 

There is usually some variation in my schedule where I will try to study at Talley Student Union instead of the library just for a change of pace and scenery. I like to sprinkle some variety into my days just to keep it interesting. There is always something going on in Talley or on Stafford Commons, it is a great way to spice up the day!

A few days of the week I will have club meetings in the evenings, so I go to those after I leave the library. 

After I get home, I typically eat dinner and then spend time working on assignments and other work after dinner. When I feel like I have done enough work, I will take a look at my calendar to see important things I have to do the next day. 

– Deeya