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Procrastination Among College Students

For students, procrastinating translates to putting off homework, studying, and assignments until the last moment. Procrastination is an issue that affects students worldwide, especially college students. What makes procrastination so dangerous is that it can stem from many different sources. One is perfectionism, the fear of failure, making the wrong choice and the feeling that you have to excel at everything thing and won’t accept less. The problem with this mindset is the loss of motivation to complete tasks if the student doesn’t feel they can execute them perfectly by their standards. Another reason for procrastination is poor time management which many students struggle with in college where they are expected to make their own schedules and their days aren’t as structured as when they were in high school. Additionally, college also introduces students to new distractions such as co-curricular activities which can be an added challenge to time management. Lastly, the anxiety and fear of failure that comes with being in college can paralyze students and keep them from completing their work. 

Procrastination can lead to stress, health issues and poor academic performance. Fortunately, procrastination doesn’t have to be a permanent problem for your student as North Carlina State Unviersity has several resources available to guide and support students. One way your student can combat the lack of motivation caused by procrastination is to break down their tasks into manageable chunks. With this strategy, they will not see the task as intimidating but one they can completed by putting their efforts in small spurts. 

Also, NC State University has several resources in place for students struggling with procstination. When it comes to poor time management, students can turn to the Academic Success Center for tips on how to build effective study habits. Your student can also join the Study Buddies program so that they are accountable to the group and have the added motivation to have good study habits to complete their work. Also, in order to deal with the fear of failure and anxiety, your student can schedule an appointment with the Counseling Center to help them manage and overcome their stresses in an effective and healthy way.

Procrastination gives students less time to study, complete a projects or assignments which can lead to poor grades. This is a good time to have a conversation  with your student about setting realistic goals, the importance of starting their assignments, class projects early, putting their phone away when studying, utillizing a calendar to establish deadlines for completing assignments. 

 I hope, your student will find these strategies helpful.  

Dylan Gray

Parent Ally