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How I Use My Planner

A student studies (reads) at the Talley Student Union. Photo by Marc Hall

Throughout my educational career, I have used a planner as it was ingrained into me to do so at an early age. I learned how to organize my schoolwork in a simple, yet effective manner. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve modified the way I use my planner to adjust to my busy, ever-changing schedule.

First, I like to write down important dates to ensure I will remember them in the future. This includes test dates, assignment due dates and meetings. I can plan when to work on specific assignments around these dates to ensure everything is turned in on time and I study for exams well in advance. Another great tactic I use is implementing my school schedule and other events into my Google Calendar. I can base assignments around when I have class next and how heavy of a workload I can assign to each day based on upcoming events.

Next, I plan out my assignments for the upcoming week on Sunday. Firstly, I look over all the outlets I use for assignments, especially Moodle, and then designate a day for each assignment with enough wiggle room to ensure I will complete it well in advance. This is important because I can ask my professors questions about the assignments if any come up and make modifications as necessary without rushing to complete the tasks. While going through the week and completing assignments, I cross them off as they are completed. Then, I know an assignment is complete so it’s not hanging over my head and I get a sense of accomplishment that motivates me to keep working. Lastly, I use highlighters to color coordinate the assignments with which class they’re for. This makes it easier for me to keep track of each of my classes, tends to feel less overwhelming and it is simply much more fun to look at!

In college, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the work that needs to be done and where to find it all. It is important to have the information necessary to complete all assignments in one organized place, such as a physical or digital planner. There are many resources available for students to stay organized such as the Pack Planner in MyPack Portal to organize their class schedule through graduation. Another resource is Academic Peer Mentoring through the Academic Success Center to learn how to improve their academic skills. 

Madison Chema 

Parent Ally