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Prepping for Final Exams

Students talking

As students begin to wrap up their last classes marking the end of the spring semester, final exams are quickly approaching. It is no surprise that this can be a stressful time for most college students as oftentimes it plays a big role in whether or not a student passes their courses. With that being said, before studying for finals it is important for your student to take some time to rest and relax from this semester so they are fully prepared for the task ahead of them. Below are some good practices in preparation for finals

 My favorite way to relax and recharge is to spend time with friends or watch movies and TV shows. Then after a day or two of rest I begin to study at least a week before my tests so that I’m not pressured to cram but study at my own pace. I give myself ample time to not only study but review all my notes as well, especially for my toughest classes. It is important to encourage your students to begin studying early because the more time they give themselves to study, the more confident they will be during finals. This allows me to spend a set amount of time studying each subject everyday which prevents me from overworking myself during the finals process. 

Another piece of the finals prep process is to get enough sleep. If a student is spending too much time studying and not getting enough sleep they will hit a point where information is not being retained and they will not be able to perform when it comes time to do so. I hope this was helpful advice and I wish your students best of luck on their finals!

  • Dylan