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Prepping for your First Exam

Now that we are a week into the semester, your student may already be preparing for their first exam. For some students like me, the first exam is right around the corner. I wanted to share a few of the campus resources NC State has to support students that you can encourage your students to engage with. 

Academic Success Center

  • The Academic Success Center (ASC) is probably my favorite campus resource. Students can get 1-on-1 help from other students that have successfully completed the course. This is also an opportunity for your student to meet others in the course, network, and maybe even form a study group for the rest of the semester. For a full list of courses ASC can help with click here

Office Hours

  • Office Hours are a fantastic resource for students to take advantage of because they would be getting help directly from the professor. Every professor holds office hours whether it be a set time or by appointment for students to ask questions and get the help they need. Typically office hours are listed on the course syllabus.Professors want their students to succeed, so they will try to be as accessible as possible. 

NC State Libraries

  • I can’t study in my room because I will get distracted too easily, so I typically spend a lot of time in the library. Encourage your student to utilize the many types of study spaces the library has to offer. Whether they are studying in a group and want to get a study room or work in a very quiet space like the 9th floor, this is a unique way to spend time on campus and get some studying done as well. 

Prevention Services

  • Finally, exams can be a difficult time for a lot of students. If your student is struggling in any way, encourage them to connect with Prevention Services. Prevention Services offers a variety of services from counseling to drop-in spaces which can help students get through stressful times. 

This is not an exhaustive list of campus resources that your student could use during exam times but these are the ones that have worked for me for the past four years. Whether this is your student’s first exam or one of their last, good luck to them!

  • Deeya