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Thanksgiving Break

As an out-of-state student, there are only so many opportunities during the year where I am able to go home. Thanksgiving Break is one of those times, but I tend to stay in Raleigh to use it as a time to rest and recover before final exams and to prepare to travel back home for winter break. Many students are in a similar situation to mine and may find themselves with nothing to do, nobody to hang out with or with nothing to eat. NC State recognizes this and has multiple resources available to students. 

Student Involvement plays a critical role in student engagement, especially during break periods where there is a limited campus population. My parents and family urged me to continue to get involved and branch out to form those important connections and really cement myself in the community. The different programs Student Involvement offers gave me the ability to make those connections and make it feel like I am home for break. 

NC State has a variety of student backgrounds and perspectives, including out-of-state and international students. I have made many friends that are international students, and although they are often not able to return home during break, there are special programs and activities hosted by the Office of International Services that make my friends and other international students feel welcome and a part of the NC State community. I encourage parents and students alike to check out some of OIS’ offerings. 

Many students at NC State may face food insecurities throughout the school year, especially during breaks. Because of this, NC State has its very own food bank called Feed the Pack Food Pantry. Students are encouraged to use its services as well as to make donations and volunteer if they have the means. NC State is committed to investing in its student population regardless of their backgrounds or their needs. 

I am excited for this Thanksgiving Break so I can take a break from my academics and my extracurriculars. I will try and meet up with some friends in the area so I am with some familiar faces for the holiday. I am proud of NC State for providing the services they do and I am proud to call myself a member of the Wolfpack that looks out for one another.

Have a great break!