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Fall Break Check-In

Fall Break at NC State is a much-needed mid-semester rest from tough classes and extracurriculars. I always use it as an opportunity to recharge and reset to be ready to tackle the second half of the semester after midterms. Most people choose to go home or go on a small vacation with their friends, but this year I decided to do something out of the ordinary. I decided to go skydiving!

Making the decision to go skydiving was an easy one for me. I love an adrenaline rush and I don’t know of anything that gets the adrenaline going more than willingly falling out of a plane. I had no nerves even once the doors opened and it was my turn to jump with my instructor. I was told to stick my feet out of the plane doors and at that moment all the nerves and anxiety hit me and then my instructor pushed us out of the plane. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I recommend anyone take the opportunity to skydive if they have the ability. I plan on skydiving at least once a year from now on! Take a look at my safe glide down to the ground in the picture below. 

Skydiving is not for everyone, but there are plenty of opportunities to advance your student’s academic, professional and personal experience without falling out of a plane. The Academic Success Center, the Office of Undergraduate Research and the Study Abroad Office are just a few of the campus resources our office often recommends. Pushing your student out of their comfort zone is the only way for them to grow, so whether receiving tutoring, conducting specialized research, studying in another country or even skydiving will get them outside of their comfort zone, encourage your student to take those opportunities head-on and finish out the semester strong. 

– Aidan